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Closing the Doors

After 2+ years of serving Catholic parishes, dioceses and organizations, we’ve decided to close the doors at ParishDesigner on December 9th.

When I launched ParishDesigner over 2 years ago, the goal was simple: improve the quality of church graphics and give people more time to do ministry. For the past 2+ years, I’m confident that our service was able to do that. We’ve been able to help hundreds of ministries and create over a thousand design projects.

The decision to shut down ParishDesigner was not an easy one. Our team discussed, debated and prayed about it for months before making this decision.

It came down to two big things:

  1. Despite our best efforts, we were never able to provide the level of service we wanted to at a pricepoint parishes could afford.
  2. When we evaluated the best ways for the ProjectYM team to use our skills, resources and time, we determined that we could serve the Church more effectively through projects other than ParishDesigner.

We firmly believe that the goals of ParishDesigner are still needed in the Church, and we’re excited to see how people continue to step up and fill those needs.

A few logistical/billing details: 1) Though we are closing the doors on December 9th, our team will continue to work to finish all design projects that are still open at that point. 2) If you are on a month-to-month account, no more charges will appear on your account after November 9th. 3) If you paid for a year of service and there is still time left on your subscription after December 9th, our team will be in contact with you at the beginning of January to discuss your refund options.

Thank you to all of who have supported ParishDesigner over the past 2 years.

Michael Marchand